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The Country Legal Frameworks Resource (CLFR) is a detailed set of resources examining governments’ legal authorities to intercept communications, obtain access to communications data, or restrict the content of communications in more than 50 countries.

• REVIEW a country’s laws pertaining to 1) provision of real-time lawful interception assistance; 2) disclosure of communications data; 3)national security and emergency powers; 4) censorship-related powers; 5) oversight of access-related powers, and 6) oversight of censorship-related powers. Select reports include laws on encryption and/or publication of laws and aggregate data.
• COMPARE laws in two to four countries simultaneously.
• DOWNLOAD the entire database or a comparison of countries.
• SEARCH the entire resource or within a comparison of countries.


In June 2014, Vodafone published a set of country-by-country analyses of the legal powers available to government authorities seeking to access user data or restrict communications in its countries of operation. Vodafone’s reports, which were developed together with the legal advisory firm of Hogan Lovells International LLP, were published under a Creative Commons License and were soon followed by a similar set of reports from Telenor Group. These initial reports established a methodology for analyzing and describing the pertinent legal powers, which became the foundation for the CLFR. FULL STORY >